Roosecoste BESS
Athena Operations & Maintenance

Assisting Centrica with the Operations and Maintenance at Roosecote BESS

Athena PTS are proud to be working with Centrica to assist with the operations and maintenance of their new Battery Storage Facility built on the outskirts of Barrow-in-Furness. Our O&M Divisional Business Manager, Jeff Fisher, has been closely working with Centrica and the construction team, supporting the final commissioning and handover to Centrica operations. Following completion Athena PTS will also support Centrica with the provision of Maintenance, HV operations and 24/7 call out services.

The 49MW Roosecote battery in Cumbria is able to come online in less than a second to meet fluctuations in demand. It has the capacity to supply power to around 50,000 homes.

The battery keeps the power network stable by either absorbing power from or supplying power to the grid. It is part of Centrica’s £180m investment into flexible power which also includes a refurbishment of King’s Lynn power station, plus two fast response gas-fired power stations which opened earlier this year.

Construction took around 18 months to complete, having started in March 2017. The battery will now be operated remotely from Centrica’s Energy Centre in Peterborough.

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