The Turweston 132 kV OHL cable diversion current design intent involves the removal of seven existing OHL towers, to be replaced by five new towers and an underground cable diversion section due to the position of the new HS2 railway track.

Solution Implemented

Athena PTS Work Scope:
The client required a full design report and drawings for the proposed underground cable diversion works of the over head line (OHL) circuit.

This included the development of the feasibility study, network design review and OHL tower earthing study.

This work was completed by the Consultancy team to the clients’ satisfaction with the information being used to move the project forward.


Athena PTS employed the below methodologies to undertake the works:

  • CYMCAP cable modelling to ascertain thermal requirements;
  • CDEGS earth modelling for OHL Tower;
  • MATLAB calculations for sheath voltages and maximum cable pulling tension;

Key Facts

  • Simulations of cable current carrying capacity using soil thermal resistivity and ambient temperatures using real data obtained from site;
  • Worst-case scenarios examined to determine pinch points to ensure cable is sized accurately;
  • All recommendations compliant to WPD standards.